How to complete Over Easy in Far Cry 6

Angry roosters are scary.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After completing the Spur of the Moment quest for Elvis Carballo in Far Cry 6, the roosters that charged out of the bunker at the end of the mission are still running all over the island. Despite them causing a lot of trouble, Elvis thinks he can turn this bad news around if you capture one of those eggs for him in a quest called Over Easy.

You can start Over Easy by speaking to Elvis on Montero Farm. Once you’ve talked with him, you’ll need to head over to Lozanía, a rank five region. The bad egg you need to find will be to the northeast of Verdera.

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When you reach the location, the roosters have been causing havoc to the entire area. They’ve overtaken a small settlement, placing their nests in numerous locations, and they have eggs all over the place. First, you need to grab one of the eggs. After that, you’ll need to smash all 49 eggs in that area before leaving.

You can find the eggs close to the entrance, in the house to the northwest, inside the home to the north on top of the hill, and inside a chicken coop to the east. A wave of angry roosters will attack you whenever you start destroying any of the group of nests.

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Once all of the eggs have been destroyed, you can return to Elvis on Montero Farm. You can fast travel to save yourself some time. Find Elvis, and you present him with the egg and complete the quest.