How to complete Rendezvous 1 in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Reach the first checkpoint.


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Rendezvous 1 is the eighth Milestone in Phase one of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. It’s the first of five very similar Milestones that you’ll be completing in this Expedition, but they can still trip you up when you come to them, even if you’re an experienced player. This guide explains how to complete Rendezvous 1, so you can move on to the next, more complicated, Milestone.

Warp through the systems

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete Rendezvous 1, you need to reach the first Rendezvous Point in the Expedition. This won’t be too far from your starting location, but you’ll need to have installed your hyperdrive so that you can warp through a few systems to reach it.

Once the Milestone is set as active, open the galaxy map and warp along the Expedition path until you reach the marked system. This will be visible thanks to the yellow icon used to mark the Rendezvous Point. When you arrive in the system, you’ll need to fly to the planet that hosts the Rendezvous Point. Try to land as close to is as possible.

Even if you land directly on what you think is the Rendezvous Point, you’ll need to use your tactical visor to scan for the specific location. Follow the scanner until you reach a tall structure. As you get nearer, you should be able to scan the structure to reveal the true Rendezvous Point at its center. The Milestone will complete when you get close to it. Once the Milestone is complete, you can claim 1,000 Nanites, three Inventory Slots, a Storage Augmentation, and a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot from the Expedition menu.