How to complete Rendezvous 5 in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

It’s a hot one.


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Rendezvous 5 is the first Milestone in Phase five of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to find the fifth Rendezvous Point in the Expedition. However, the planet the Rendezvous Point is located on makes this extremely difficult because it constantly burns you and has frequent firestorms. This guide will help you complete the Milestone quickly and without getting too toasty.

Run and hide

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, you need to warp to the planet where the fifth Rendezvous Point is located. This is relatively straightforward as long as you have Rendezvous 5 highlighted in your Expedition menu. When you arrive, use the Pulse Engines to get as close to the Rendezvous Point as possible. Even if you think you’re landing on it, you’ll still need to do some walking.

Get out of your ship and use your tactical visor to pinpoint the Rendezvous Point’s direction. Follow it, and you should come to a group of abandoned buildings. Those buildings are where the Rendezvous Point is located. Get inside as fast as possible because the natural heat of the planet will slowly whittle away at your defenses until it kills you.

Be wary of other players harvesting Whispering Eggs at this location. It will cause Abominations to swarm, and they’ll try to kill you if you’re not careful. Now that you’ve completed the Milestone, you can claim 999 Nanites, three Storage Augmentations, two Powerful Underwater Oxygen Upgrades, and a Terrifying Sample from the Expedition menu.