How to complete Romeo and Oscar’s quest in Lil Gator Game

Ninja strike away.

Image via MegaWobble

The quests in Lil Gator Game are pretty simple and straightforward most of the time. As you explore the island and find friends to play with in your big adventure, you shouldn’t have too many issues. That being said, a couple will require you to find items or enemies hidden in areas within a time limit. That is the case with Romeo and Oscar’s quest. Here is how to complete their quest.

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Where to find the shadow monsters in Romeo’s quest in Lil Gator Game

To start this quest, you need to first talk to Romeo. If you talk to Oscar, he will say to go across the lake and try to play with Romeo instead. To do this quest, you will step on the nearby button and have to destroy five shadow monsters in the immediate area. Here are all of their locations.

Directly to the left of Romeo in the tall grass.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Behind the blue tents behind Romeo.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In a bush next to the lake to the front left of Romeo.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Behind the bushes further behind the one that was behind the tents.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On one of the cliffs on the narrow mountain to the left of Romeo.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After destroying all of these shadow monsters, talk to Romeo, and he will give you the Nunchaku weapon and ask you to take out a hit on Oscar. Don’t worry; this is still a kids’ game, and we’re not killing a child. Swim straight across the lake to where Oscar is standing and strike him with a weapon and he will fall over. Some dialogue will start and Lil Gator will take Oscar over to Romeo so they can work out their problems. If you have 500 extra Crafting Bits, you can also talk to Sierra behind Romeo to buy the Shuriken throwable.