How to complete Spiritual Defense in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Ostara Festival

Keep the spirits at bay.

The Ostara Festival is the spring celebration in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s also a time to celebrate the spring equionox, and Alvis needs Eivor’s help protecting the against the spirits. It turns out the veil is extremely thin during this time of the year, and if players don’t act quick enough, dangers could befall those in Ravensthorpe. You’ll need to assist Alvis with protecting the settlement from these spirits before the celebration is over.

How to start Spiritual Defense

You need to speak with Alvis when nighttime rolls around. You can change the time of day by meditating. Once it’s dark out, you can speak to Alvis outside of the Ostara Festival, next to a small pond. We recommend tracking the quest in your journal to find the runestone’s exact location.

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How to complete Spiritual Defense

The first task you need to complete the ritual to protect Ravensthorpe is to light eight firepits. These fires are located all over Ravensthorpe. Here are their locations.

All firepit locations

You need to use your torch at all of the locations to light the braziers. Once you complete all of them, you can return to the starting location of the ritual to speak with Ake.

These are all eight locations.

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The next step takes place in the forest, so you will need to follow Ake for a short distance and follow his instructions. He will take you to a totem that has drawn the spirits into your world, and you must banish them before they harm any living soul.

Banish the spirits

When you activate the totem, three bear spirits will rush out to your position. You will need to eliminate them, and protect Ake. These spirits are fairly easy to dispatch. The three bears will disappear after you defeat them, and it’s okay if Ake falls. It will not end the mission.

After you’ve banished those three spirits, you will have completed the quest. You will receive 140 Ostara Festival tokens for your trouble.