How to find the clues for The Anvil in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

With fire and flame.

To uncover the identity and location of The Anvil in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will need to follow a trail of two clues. Not too tall of a task, right? If you’re looking to cross another name off your list of the Order of the Ancients, then read on.

Finding the first clue

Finding the first clue for The Anvil is pretty simple, as all you need to do is to kill Leofgifu, also known as The Scabbard. You will unlock her identity as soon as you build the Hidden Ones’ headquarters at your settlement.

Leofgifu can be found in Grantebridgescire at the camp of Utbech. This swampy camp can be found north of Grantebridge. You will find her near the river’s edge, with a group of guards around her. Kill her and confirm the kill to get the first clue.

Finding the second clue

The clue you get from Leofgifu will tell you to investigate the smithy at Saint. Go to Albanes Abbey, which can be found north of Lunden along the Ver River in Oxenefordscire.

Here, you will find the circular ruins in the middle of the abbey. Directly northwest of these ruins, you will find a table outside with the second clue for you to take.

With this last clue, you will discover that The Anvil’s name is Patrick, who runs his own forge in Oxeneforda. Head there and take him out.