How to complete Storm the Maw in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Don’t resist this calling, especially when there’s loot involved.

Image via Blizzard

As part of your weekly calling events in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, your covenant sanctum will issue you a quest named Storm the Maw. The quest description gets right to the point: you need to kill three rare enemies or special encounter bosses inside The Maw before you can turn this in.

There are a couple exceptions to this rule that you should know before selecting your target. First, the final boss for the Wrath of the Jailer weekly even is excluded from this quest, so it won’t count toward the three you need for completion. The same rule applies to the biweekly hunts that you can find inside the Maw, so remember this when you decide what you want to defeat.

The Maw is not the easiest area to navigate, thanks to the restrictions on mounts throughout the zone. However, if you make it through level 8 of the Twisting Corridors of Torghast, you might earn the Corridor Creeper, the one mount that you’re allowed to use inside The Maw.

If you happen to die while working to finish Storm the Maw, make sure you return to your corpse. This is the only way you can regain the Stygia you dropped, and if your body is in a hard-to-reach area (you fell off a cliff or took a nasty throw from an enemy), you may be out of luck. Stealth will work wonders in the Maw if you have access to it.