How to complete Technosignature in No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers

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Technosignature is the fifth Milestone in Phase one of No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers. To complete it, you’ll be working through another Milestone in this Phase, but you may encounter a couple of bugs or glitches that can lead to a crash. This guide covers how to complete the Milestone and avoid any issues.

Step 1: Build a Signal Booster

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To complete this Milestone, you need to build and use a Signal Booster. You’ll most likely be doing this when you’re building your base for the sixth Milestone in Phase one. We recommend waiting until you’ve built a Save Beacon so that you can save your progress just before you build the Signal Booster. Otherwise, you may end up crashing the game. To build a Signal Booster, you need one Metal Plating, one Carbon Nanotube, and 15 Sodium. You can find Sodium from the life forms on the planet and craft Carbon Nanotubes and Metal Plating with the resources you should have been gathering up to this point in the Expedition anyway.

Step 2: Use the Signal Booster

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This is where you may encounter a crash. You need to use the Signal Booster to complete the Milestone, but we experienced two crashes in our playthrough. Make sure you save before using the Signal Booster because you can lose a fair amount of progress if you don’t. For completing this Milestone, you can claim four Wire Loom, Korvax Casing, Korvax Convergence Cube, and five Navigational Data.