How to complete the A Hair in my Soup redacted feat challenge in Hitman 3

Try these noodles. They are pretty sick.

Hitman 3 features a bunch of challenges that will test your assassin skills in various, unique ways. Often, you need to consider your entire environment when you are in the game. Surveying the surroundings for useful items, hazards, and possible disguise opportunities. These observation skills will come in handy for a redacted feat challenge in the Chongdinc level. Here is how you can complete the A Hair in my Soup challenge in Hitman 3.

While this challenge’s description is hidden, it is relatively simple to pull off. You need to be sneaky and use the environment around you. This challenge can be done alongside the Certainty Principle story mission when you need to disguise yourself as the board member if you follow that path, but it is not necessary.

Walk into the noodle restaurant, and you will find the board member talking to a woman about how he is starving after a delayed flight. What we are going to do is make his day even worse by poisoning his food.

Turn to the left, and you will see a worker wiping down tables in the restaurant’s sit-down part. Wait for him to work on a table that hides him away from the customers and subdue him. There will be a chest directly next to you where you can dump the body and take his disguise without alerting anyone.

Go into the restroom, and next to the toilet stall will be some rat poison you will need.

Walk to the back of the restaurant. In this disguise, there are no noticers back here on Professional difficulty (have not tested Master). Walk over to the counter with an empty bowl and interact with it to prepare the board member’s food.

When it is ready, apply the emetic poison and ring the bell. The other worker in this area will inspect the food, pick it up, and take it to the board member. Once he starts eating and gets sick, he will walk to the bathroom, and you will complete the challenge.