How to complete the Certainty Principle Chongqing Mission Story in Hitman 3

Be someone you’re not.

One of the many Mission Stories in Hitman 3 sees you receiving a tour from one of the people you are trying to kill in the Chongqing mission. The Certainty Principle is all about infiltrating Imogen Royce’s facility and having her give you a tour before you end her life.

How to complete the mission

You are going to start from the default spawn point and follow the walkway to the parking lot. On the right side of the parking lot is the Restaurant, which you will want to go into and listen in on the Board Members conversation.

Image captured in-game.

After you have listened in, you will want to head to the hotel across the parking lot from the Restaurant to access the ICA Apartment. The apartment is on the second floor of the building and you have two options for getting into the building:

  • You can use the code 0-1-1-8 on the front door of the apartment to get in.
  • Make your way up to the rooftop and climb in through a window.
Image captured in-game.

Once inside and in the ICA Apartment, grab the P41 form that can be found at the foot of the bed and then head back to the Restaurant.

At the Restaurant, you are going to want to take out the Dumpling Cook. You can go about this however you want, just be sure to not get caught and hide the body. Head into the bathroom nearby and grab the rat poison on the stool next to the stall.

Image captured in-game.

With the poison in tow, head into the kitchen. You will find a bowl next to the Service Bell. Walk up to it, and when nobody is looking, follow the Prepare prompt and add the poison. Ring the bell and wait for the food to be served to the Board Member. Wait for him to get sick from the poison and follow him into the bathroom. Knock him out, take his disguise, and hide his body.

Now it’s time for the tour; head through the kitchen and begin the tour with the Facility Guide in the back. Be sure that you hide any of your illegal weapons in the wastebasket at the bottom of the stairs so that you can get past the security frisking.

Go along with the tour, and at one point, a 60-second timer will start counting down, which means that it’s time to let Olivia into the system. In the same room where the timer starts, grab the Access Dongle from a desk.

Image captured in-game.

Quickly hack the panel by the window to dim it so you won’t be seen using the PC in the room.

Image captured in-game.

After interacting with the PC, Olivia will be in and the timer will stop. After this, follow the guide until she introduces you to Royce, herself. Then you just have to follow Royce to her core and listen to her. Just go along with her and the Mission Story will finish.

At one point, she will task you with choosing an employee to fire as an example of her algorithm, at which point you can finish the Console Cowboy achievement as well.