How to complete the A Necklace, A Movie, and Me request in Soul Hackers 2

How do you find that necklace?

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Many requests in Soul Hackers 2 are fairly straightforward, with in depth quest descriptions and icons indicating important people of interest. A few hours after unlocking the requests feature, you’ll be able to take on A Necklace, A Movie, and Me. It’s the first request that might leave you stumped because it doesn’t point out who to talk to. Our guide will help you complete this potentially annoying side quest.

Completing A Necklace, A Movie, and Me request

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The A Necklace, A Movie, and Me request can be accepted from Club Cretaceous in Karakucho after visiting Axis for the first time. More specifically, it becomes available upon finishing the first cutscene inside Arrow’s Soul Matrix. After accepting the request, speak to Mannequin at the Zafiro store in Shinsando. He’ll tell you that he saw some lady wearing the necklace he’s after somewhere around Mansei.

Using the world map, travel to Mansei Realm. From this location’s starting position, follow the linear path until you reach the building with a walkway suspended over a lily pond. Speak to the NPC standing in front of the pond’s right-side as pictured above. She’s wearing a red jacket and torn jeans.

After the woman tells you the story about how she came in possession of the necklace, select the dialogue option that states it was a request from Mannequin. She’ll hand the necklace over immediately. You can now head back to Zafiro to turn in your request.

A Necklace, A Movie, and Me request rewards

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As a reward for your troubles, Zafiro’s stock expands to include two new accessories — one for Arrow and one for Saizo. Both accessories cost 25,000 yen a piece. Arrow’s Stud Gloves are packing 19 points of defense. As a bonus, the accessory also raises his intelligence by four points and increases his magic pool by 30 points. Saizo’s Harringbone Hat sports 20 defense points. Additionally, Saizo’s vitality and agility also increase by four points each.