How to complete the A Tip For Donk Story Milestone in Super Animal Royale

Tips are appreciated.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hidden objectives with rewards in video games can tend to be a little frustrating at times for players. When no description is given on how to complete certain areas of a game, you can spend a long time trying everything that comes to mind with no success. Even when they end up being easy feats, it is annoying not to know where you are supposed to go. In Super Animal Royale, the set of Story Milestones does this, with only giving you a slight hint in the objective’s name. Here is how to complete the A Tip For Donk Story Milestone in Super Animal Royale.

A Tip For Donk is super simple to complete. The only item you will need to have in your inventory for this is a banana. You can find them either lying around the map or you can cut tall grass with your melee weapon for a chance for one to drop.

When you have a banana, make your way to the Super Animal Farm in E6. If you have done the Found the SASR Hideout Story Milestone, you will know where you are going, as this is in the same large barn as that mission.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Instead of being in the big room in the barn, make your way to the side room on the right. You will find a velvet rope line leading to a throne. In front of that throne is a sign denoting a tip jar for Donk filled with various food. Throw the banana into that basket, and you will complete the A Tip For Donk Story Milestone and be able to redeem a new suit in the Milestones tab of the menu.