How to complete the Buns of Steel Secret in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Only the best buns for you.


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You’ve got nine Secrets to complete in Hot Wheels Unleashed, each of which has a clue. Some are obscure and don’t help you solve them, while others are very specific. This guide will explain how to complete one of the more specific ones, the Buns of Steel Secret.

How to complete the Buns of Steel Secret

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Buns of Steel Secret has a clue on it that reads, “The Best: with a special appearance from Buns of Steel.” If you’ve read a few of the other Secrets, you can probably work out that you need to complete the race named The Best using the Buns of Steel car. However, this is slightly more complex than you might think.

You need to do two things before you can complete this Secret node. First, you need to acquire the Buns of Steel car. This car is unlocked from a specific reward node in the campaign. It’s to the right of the middle road moving upwards from the first event. However, it’s also possible to buy the car from the shop if the inventory allows you to.

Second, you need to unlock The Best race, which is much more challenging. This race is only accessible after you complete the final Boss Race: Ghost Seekers and use the car you unlock from that race, Bone Shaker, to complete the Reckless Driving race. Once you’ve completed both of those, you’ll have unlocked the Secrets that stand in the way of reaching The Best race. All that’s left to do is complete The Best using Buns of Steel, and you’ll complete yet another Secret.