How to complete the Cadre of Contenders Challenge in Destiny 2 – competitive playlist

Time to get sweaty.

Image via Gamepur

One of the Week 4 Season of the Chosen challenges in Destiny 2 is to complete the Cadre of Contenders. This challenge tasks players with going into the competitive playlist and finishing matches.

To find the competitive playlist, open the Director and click on the red Crucible icon. The next screen will give players multiple options for what game mode to play, but they will need to look for something very specific to get into the competitive playlist.

One of the icons will have a small crown over it, denoting the competitive playlist, and it is here that players compete for Glory rank, not Valor.

The competitive playlist will alternate between different modes, just like the rest of the playlist, but will generally offer either Elimination or Survival. The competitive playlist can be a good deal sweatier than the standard playlist, so make sure you are bringing solid meta weapons with good PvP oriented perks so that you can actually compete there.

You don’t need to win matches; simply finishing them will be fine. This also takes a little longer, as the modes will play out over several rounds instead of following the “one and done” model of the normal playlist.

You will need to complete around eight matches in the playlist to finish up this challenge. It is worth keeping in mind that other Season challenges may require you to spend time in specific competitive game modes later in the season, so if you are not a fan, it might be worth waiting to complete them all at the same time.