How to complete the Cold Surprise Feat in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Let it be his last surprise, 47.


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Cold Surprise is one of the new Feats in Hitman 3 added with the Hokkaido Snow Festival event. You need to drown the target in the primary Hokkaido Snow Festival mission to complete it. This guide explains how to do this since there are very few opportunities to drown targets anywhere in Hokkaido.


We recommend using the Restaurant starting location for this Feat because it’s close to the target and a nearby item smuggling area. We used the Guru’s Emetic Explosive Device for our run, which you get by completing The Gauchito Antiquity Escalation, but you could also use the Remote Emetic Gas Device. Whichever item you choose, it needs to be smuggled in through the staff bathroom.

Step 1: Get the explosive

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Get downstairs to the bathroom as fast as possible from your starting location. Next, knock out the guard in the bathroom and take his disguise. This allows you to go through the security door outside the bathroom and collect your explosive device from its smuggled location. Once you have it, return to the bathroom where you knocked out the guard and pick up your own disguise once more. Now you can head upstairs to the restaurant again. See below for a map reference for the bathroom.

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Step 2: Poison the target

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As long as you’ve been quick, the target should be in the garden next to the restaurant. Head up to the top of the garden and throw your emetic explosive at him. Make sure it detonates and poisons him, or you’ll need to restart the mission. You can do this anywhere in Hokkaido, but the garden is the easiest location to poison the target without being seen.

Step 3: Drown the target and go

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Once your target has been poisoned, follow them to the bathroom they decide to throw up in. This will be the nearest bathroom, so make sure you know where that is in case you need to sneak around some guards. The target should enter the bathroom without their bodyguard, leaving them open to be drowned. Follow them in, drown them, and find the nearest exit to complete this Feat.