How to complete the Festival Shock Assassination in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Shock one festival goer in particular, 47.


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Hokkaido Snow Festival added new Feats and Assassinations to Hitman 3 that all players can access, regardless of whether they own the original location from Hitman 2016 or not. This guide explains how to complete one of those new Assassinations, Festival Shock.


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There’s no need to bring any items into the mission for this Assassination. However, if you want to avoid going into areas where you might be seen, we recommend bringing the ICA Remote Micro Taser via the Staff Wardrobe smuggled item location. The best starting location for this route is the restaurant. You can wear any suit you like, but we’ve opted for the Snow Festival Suit.

Step 1: Clear the bathroom

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The first thing you need to do is go from the restaurant into the main bathroom block in the central reception of the facility. Inside the men’s area, you’ll find one NPC looking at himself in the mirror. Subdue him and hide his body in the cubicle on the left. The one on the right has another NPC inside. This will ensure that the bathroom is clear of witnesses when you need it to be. See below for a map reference for this bathroom.

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Step 2: Get the car battery

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Your target will eventually walk into the bathroom, so there’s no need to poison them to get them there. In the meantime, you need to find something to electrocute them with. As we mentioned above, you can bring the ICA Remote Micro Taser to make your life easier, and if you did, you should go and get it instead of the car battery. For those who don’t have the item unlocked, the car battery is a viable option in the level itself.

Head into the garden and then make your way to the top left-hand corner. There’s a gap in the balcony that you can drop down onto a drainpipe from. See below for a map reference for this location.

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Slide down and hang on the ledge that’s part of the way down the drainpipe. You can vault onto the lower level here but wait for the guard to walk up the stairs from the left first. Then, when he faces the wall to the right, vault up and subdue him. Next, grab the car battery and take the door on the wall opposite to quickly rush into the restaurant. If you’re quick, you won’t be spotted.

Step 3: Kill the target and get out of Hokkaido

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With the car battery in hand, go back to the bathroom and await your target’s arrival. Knock them out when they come in and ensure that they’re right up against the sink. After that, overflow the sink and throw the car battery at your target’s head. This will cause the battery to activate and shock the target to death. Now you can leave and find an exit at your leisure because this counts as an accidental kill.