How to complete the Finish the level with exactly two grinds challenge on ParadICE Caves in OlliOlli World

In order to achieve Gnarvana, you must let go of the urge to grind every rail you see.

Image via Roll7

OlliOlli World might be an overall chill experience, primarily focused on letting you vibe along to some amazing music and skate colorful, vibrant tracks, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not challenging — in fact, some of the challenges might even seem impossible to complete. The ParadICE Caves level is a great example of this, with several rails fully buttered up and ready for you to chain grinds together. 

Unfortunately, the challenge we’re looking at today is especially difficult on this rail-heavy course; we have to finish the level with exactly two grinds. Not more or less, exactly two. This means we’re gonna have to get strategic with this one, not to mention the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get the other challenges in this level at the same time.

Once you start your run, you’re greeted with two big rails stacked on top of each other. Ollie off the ramp as high as you can and start grinding on that top rail. This might seem counterintuitive since we only have two grinds allotted for the entire course, but trust us. The bottom path has a section that makes completing this challenge nearly impossible, so the top rail makes the most sense.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you jump off the first rail, there will be quite a few more rails — ignore these and focus on building speed using power pushes. This looks trickier than it actually is since the rails are so visually distinct, but the ground here is stable and will give you a lot of time in between jumps. Just focus on jump timing and this middle section should be a breeze.

Stay on the top route here to avoid all the rails below for this challenge.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Eventually, you’ll come to a fork in the road, indicating a Gnarly Route is ahead. Stay the course and ignore the Gnarly Route, riding up onto the hill instead of going into the rail-dense Gnarly Route. Make sure to build up lots of speed here — you’ll need it for a huge jump coming up ahead. Ignore all of the rails and make sure to jump at opportune times to keep that speed up for this big gap.

Keep your speed up so you don’t end up like us at this jump.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you clear this gap — a little bit after the routes merge back together — there will be a rail on top of a ramp that works like a seesaw. Ignore this rail and jump off the ramp hard, landing in a grind on the big rail covering this impossibly large gap.

Grind this big rail here for the last grind of the run.
Screenshot by Gamepur

This is the last grind we have allotted for the challenge — make sure to ignore the rest of the rails for the last stretch of the level and you should see the challenge completion notification pop up as you cross the finish line. Once you’re done, make sure you know where the sidequests in other parts of this first area are, or check out our review of OlliOlli World.