How to complete the Grasp of Avarice “Navigate the Facility” encounter

Navigate the rusted depths.

Image via Bungie

Venturing further into Destiny 2’s brand new Grasp of Avarice dungeon, which was introduced with the 30th Anniversary pack, may prove to be a challenge. Once you are in the dungeon, you will notice a confusing maze of rusted metal, overgrown structures, and devious traps to stop you in your tracks at every step. Don’t worry though, as this part of the dungeon is actually not too bad once you know what’s going on.

Pipes Room

Upon traversing through the Grasp of Avarice dungeon you will stumble upon a room with a couple of doors and six overhead pipes that will all be closed. Your goal in this room is to open them and escape the room. To do so, go to the furthest door on the right and jump to the other side of the room to pull the lever. Be cautious of the pressure plate on the floor as stepping on it will immediately kill you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Next, follow the open pipe at the end of the room to a hallway with a platform in the middle. Jump to that platform, then to the small alcove at the end of the room, and finally to the small opening under the platform to open the pipes. Once this is done, navigate back to the starting room and climb to the top right pipe facing the end of the room. Follow this pipe to the next area.

Water Room

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next room may seem confusing at first but is actually very simple. Upon entering the room, pull the lever to open a hatch on the other side of the room. Jump to that hatch, clear the enemies, and pull the lever in that room. Doing this will open another hatch for you to jump to. Continue this process to the last hatch room. In the last room, jump up through the small hole in the ceiling to find the lever that opens one of the large doors at one side of the room. Navigate to that door, clear the enemies, and pull the lever to advance to the other side of the room. Kill all the enemies once more and open the right-most door to advance further into the dungeon.

Circle Room

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final room in the Navigate the Facility encounter is just as simple as the previous rooms. You’ll notice a circle diagram that displays which doors are open and which need to be opened in the circle room. Simply go to whichever door is open, clear the enemies within the room, and pull the lever located in the room. Repeat this until you encounter a Vandal with a scorch cannon. Kill the Vandal, pick up the cannon, and head over to the fallen battery structure. Shoot it with a charged shot from the scorch cannon to open the door into the rest of the dungeon.