How to complete the Humanitarian Supplies quest in Escape from Tarkov

The best strategy is to shoot enemies while not getting shot yourself.

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The difficulty of Escape from Tarkov is found beyond the no-holds-barred PvP aspect, as NPCs will frequently request difficult tasks to be completed to unlock new equipment and materials. One such quest is the Humanitarian Supplies, offered to players at or above level 11 by the Peacekeeper.

This mission focuses on the Shoreline, which offers a sniper-friendly southern region on the coast, and the health resort ‘Azure Coast’ in the north. Players will need to navigate both of these areas successfully in order to complete this mission in Escape from Tarkov.

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Humanitarian Supplies mission requirements in Escape from Tarkov

Players will need to complete the following objectives:

  • Plant 2 MS2000 markers.
  • Obtain 5 MREs.
  • Survive and exfil from Shoreline.
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs on Shoreline while wearing the UN helmet and MF-UNTAR body armor.

Prapor has the necessary markers available from Level 1 — purchase these markers and place them in your safe pouch to ensure that an untimely demise won’t set you back in your quest further. The Ragman offers the UNTAR helm and vest at Level 2.

Truck Location in Humanitarian Supplies

Screenshot by Gamepur

Whichever truck you spawn closest to, make that your first marker objective. Resort tends to turn into a pitched battle by the 10 minute mark, and as it’s one of the few points of interest on Shoreline, players should maneuver slowly and carefully around it. Players will be prompted to place the marker when close to the truck, and a ‘Defend’ prompt will appear.

When these prompts occur, the best defense tends to be moving away from the objective. Staying close to these objectives is akin to painting a large target on your back; get low, and simply watch from a distance if absolutely necessary.

How to find MREs in Escape from Tarkov

MRE’s spawn in dead Scavs, sport bags, and standard caches. The best bet, if you’re looking to complete everything in a single mission, is to move to Resort early with a long-range weapon and hold the third floor. Scavs tend to crawl around the Resort, so (with your UNTAR helmet and armor equipped) eliminate them as you find them.

Shoreline is a larger map, but players can get out if they start moving at eight minutes, barring any overweight debuffs or crippling injuries. At ten minutes, exfil from the third floor, loot all bodies, and get out of Shoreline for a relatively simple mission completion.