How to complete the Iron Will Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Now you are Iron Man.

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The Iron Will Challenge mission is a difficult mission designed for Iron Man in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Iron Man is a staple of the Marvel canon and an essential character in the Midnight Suns as he uses technology to try and solve supernatural problems. As one of the first characters in your party, you can begin building his Friendship level early on, which ultimately unlocks the Iron Will mission for him to take on. This guide will explain how to complete the Iron Will Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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How to complete the Iron Man Challenge mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Each hero in Midnight Suns has a Friendship level you can raise by using them in combat, giving them gifts, and going on Hangouts in the Abbey. Once you hit Friendship level five, you can take on that character’s challenge mission at the Forge. These missions are puzzle-like and will unlock their legendary ability and Midnight Suns costume upon completion. At the start of this mission, you will be face-to-face with a crystal and nothing else. Follow these steps to destroy the crystal with the currently selected cards this mission gives you.

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  1. Play the Heads Up card as soon as your turn begins.
  2. Discard one of the New Plan cards next.
  3. Now use the Precision card, which will keep the next card you play.
  4. Use the Leave it to me card next. This will give you two cards and heroism and stay in your hand.
  5. Use the duplicate Leave it to me card.
  6. Use Surgical Strike to land eight consecutive shots on the Crystal.
  7. Use Heads Up to gain enough two heroism.
  8. Use Surgical Strike to land six more shots on the Crystal.
  9. With only 15 health left, use the three remaining Blast cards to destroy this crystal.
  10. Once the Crystal is gone, a new one spawns and you’re granted the Hellfire Beam ability. Use this ability and finish this challenge.
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Completing the Iron Will Challenge will grant you Iron Man’s Midnight Suns costume and Hellfire Beam Legendary ability. Take advantage of this powerful skill to damage enemies in a line.