How to complete the Lingering Wind quest in Lost Ark – Nagi Location

Where to find a troublesome NPC.

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The Lingering Wind quest is one of the many tasks given to players throughout their journey through the Lost Ark storyline. Lingering Wind will take you to a location called Nia Village in the Punika region. You’ll need to do a bit of walking around to complete this quest, which isn’t one of the most involved or difficult quests in the game. However, it can get hung up at certain points if you’re not careful.

How to complete the Lingering Wind quest in Lost Ark

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To start the Lingering Wind quest in Lost Ark, you’ll need to pay a visit to Shauna in Nia Village. When you’ve completed the quest titled What She Wants, Shauna will be at Point 1 on the map above. She’ll be somewhat distracted and will head off without giving you a quest. This will start Lingering Wind, which will require you to ask around the area about Shauna.

You’ll need to speak to several people around the village. They have a roaming pattern around the area, so they can be in different parts of the village, but should be clearly marked on your map with the quest marker. You need to track down a villager looking at the sea and a resident having a rest and speak to them.

How to ask Nagi where Shauna went

Head to Point 2 on the map above and speak to Nagi. This is one of the more difficult sticking points of the quest, however, as she might not be there. If you have any Reputation Quests active with Nagi, she won’t be at this location. You must complete any active quests with Nagi before you will be able to proceed with the Lingering Wind quest.

Once Nagi is there, speak to her. She’ll point you in the direction of Nia in the Festival Plaza. Head to Point 3 on the above map to find Nia. The good news is that she’s got very loose lips and is more than happy to let slip where Shauna is. Turns out Shauna is paying respect at her grandmother’s grave. Go to Point 4 on the map above and you’ll find Shauna waiting.

After a brief dialogue, walk a few paces south and pick a wildflower for the grave. Step back to the grave and perform the Polite emote in front of the grave. Afterward, speak to Shauna again. She’ll be a bit down, so it is up to you to cheer her up. Step into the marked area and perform the Dance emote. This will give her the boost she needs. Speak to Shauna one more time and talk her through her emotions. This will finally wrap up the Lingering Wind quest.

This quest requires a lot of walking back and forth, but it is nowhere near the longest one in Lost Ark. The Awakening quests can take several hours to complete; fortunately, we have a detailed guide to help you complete them.