How to complete the Masked Rider Triumph in Destiny 2 – Headless Horsepower exotic

A spooky ride.

Image via Bungie

There are several triumphs you can expect to complete in Destiny 2 as you work your way through the game’s numerous seasons. There are a handful of triumphs available for a limited time during special events. This year, the Season of the Lost has returned, and Haunted Sectors for you to explore and earn candy with it. One of the triumphs for this year’s Season of the Lost is called the Masked Rider, and upon completing it, you’ll be able to earn the Headless Horsepower exotic vehicle by turning in your progress to Eva. The Season of the Lost goes from October 12 to November 2, and here’s everything you need to know about completing the Masked Rider triumph.

You’ll be able to unlock these masks by speaking with Eva. You can find her at the tower, immediately when you appear, in front of the Festival of the Lost tree. There are six masks available. Each of them has a candy requirement that you will need to meet to purchase them.

  • Erasmis Mask – 1,300 candy
  • Taniks Mask – 2,600 candy
  • Honk Moon Mask – 3,900 candy
  • Pyramid Mask – 5,200 candy
  • Ada-1 Mask – 6,500 candy
  • Sweeper Bot Mask – 7,800

You can only earn candy by obtaining your first Festival of the Lost mask from Eva during the “Gone but not Forgotten” quest as you go through your first Haunted Sector for the event. After that, you can return to Eva anytime you’re ready to turn in your candy for your desired mask. You’ll need to obtain 27,300 candy to acquire all six of the masks.

You have until November 2 to complete the rest of the event and obtain the Headless Horsepower exotic vehicle.