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How to complete the Mochi Mystery substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Who mooched the mochi?

The Mochi Mystery substory is one of many you can find in Like a Dragon: Ishin. You’ll be able to unlock this story when you reach a certain point in the game, allowing you to help out a small group of individuals and solve a mystery. Your choice is critical, and you want to make the correct guess. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Mochi Mystery substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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How to solve the Mochi Mystery substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

You can start this substory shortly after you begin Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves, in Like a Dragon: Ishin. This gives you access to Rakunai, and you can begin exploring this part of the map. You’ll find it south, where you must go to Shijo Street and reach the Shinsengumi barracks. So long as you have access to this area, you can work on this substory.

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When you arrive, talk to the man interrogating the group of five. He’ll elaborate that two of the five men ate his mochi, and he’s trying to figure out which within the group did it. You’ll need to speak with each suspect and determine their stories and who’s lying to you.

Higashihara will tell you that Kitajima is one of the culprits. Nishiyama says that Higashihara and Minamino had keys to the snack room. Nakagawa says that Minamino was eating mochi with Nishiyama the entire time. Minamino will blame Nishiyama, saying that daifuku powder was on his kimono. Finally, Kitajima says it was either Nakagawa or Minamino who is guilty, but it can’t be both.

Based on this evidence, Nakagawa and Nishiyama have an alibi for where they were, and Kitajima blamed either Nakagawa or Minamino. All Higashihara does is attempt to blame Kitajima. Minamino was also seen eating mochi, but he blames Nishiyama, who has an alibi. Only Higashihara and Minamino had keys to the snack shack between the five workers.

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The correct answer to this mystery is picking Higashihara and Minamino. Higashihara had the keys to the shack, and Minamino was seen eating the mochi, putting these two together.

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