How to complete the Obsession and Self Improvement Milestones in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

A little forward planning into Iteration Four can save you a lot of trouble.

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Once you’ve gotten to this step in the No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition, it can either be relatively straightforward or painfully drawn out, depending on your broader progress in the Expedition so far. This reason is that the Self Improvement Milestone requires you to craft a Memory Fragment that can cost you quite a lot of time and money to gather all the resources for. However, if you plan ahead, or your timing is good, you can complete another Milestone from Iteration Four in advance and have it all handed to you.

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How to reach the third Fallen Traveller in No Man’s Sky Leviathan

As with the previous Travellers, after reaching Anchor Point 3, use the Memory Resonator to locate the next Hotspot. Then, jump in your Starship and use your Pulse Engine from space to speed up the journey before landing close to the target. The initial marker leaves quite a walk until you actually reach the site, with your Target Sweep visor once again helping you to close in. That said, you should be able to find a fair few Whispering Eggs around if you still need to complete the Call of the Void Milestone. Once you’ve found the location, simply interact with the grave to get a few more teasers into the upcoming Leviathan and claim the memory to wrap things up and unlock the plans for crafting Memory Fragments.

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How to summon your own Memory Fragment in No Man’s Sky Leviathan

Given how much of a difference a good Memory Fragment reward can make for your loadout, being able to craft one at will should be a very welcome addition to the Expedition. However, with a cost of 2x Wiring Looms, 50x Silver, and 100x Pugneum, you may find yourself a little light on ingredients. Wiring Looms can be bought from many a trading station, but they’re not cheap. You should be okay on Silver if you’ve been blasting space rocks on your travels, but Pugneum is typically gathered from dead Sentinels, so if you’ve been playing it safe that could be in short supply.

The good news is that once you’ve banked a total of 2,000 Nanites, you unlock the Cluster Horde Milestone from Iteration Four which rewards you with 10x Wiring Looms, 250x Silver, and 500x Pugneum ― enough for five Memory Fragments. If you haven’t already ticked that one off the list, then you can either target finding more Nanites (the back rooms of Space Stations can have a good stash, with more available if you interact with the yellow and blue cubes scattered around them) to claim that pay-off, or start picking a fight with any Sentinels you come across to gather the resources yourself.

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Once you do have all of the components in place, you can craft the Memory Fragment into an empty inventory slot as you would for any other item, and hopefully, the upgrade it unlocks will prove well worth the trouble. Once that first one is crafted, you’ll complete the Milestone and earn yourself 250x Silver, 250x Gold, and a bunch of ‘Suspicious Packets’ offering yet more potentially useful upgrades to help make your next steps that little bit easier.