How to complete the Pigeon sidequest in Hi-Fi Rush

Clean up this factory.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Most of your time in Hi-Fi Rush will be spent running through levels and beating up on the Vanderlay robots that get in your way. That being said, you can come across an innocent robot that could use your help every now and then. This happens early in the game, where a SCR-UB robot will say he wants assistance with getting rid of the pigeons who are making his cleaning area dirty. Here is how to help him.

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How to scatter the pigeons in Hi-Fi Rush

When you find the robot looking to get rid of the pigeons making his area dirty in Hi-Fi Rush, all you need to do is aim Peppermint at three areas where a group of the rats with wings have gathered and shoot at them. Don’t worry; they don’t die. They just fly away.

The first group can be seen as you walk up to the robot on the crates near you.

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The second group is straight out over the factory area you just came in from on top of a yellow beam.

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The final group is directly behind the robot on top of the green pipe.

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After all three groups of the pigeons have been shot at and scared away, talk to the robot again and he will reward you with a Life Gauge. Given how easy this side mission is, it is definitely worth taking a few moments to do so you can work towards increasing your health for the many fights you will see ahead.

If you want some other progress towards an achievement, be sure to shoot the drone flying in this area with the big blue message board. You only need to hit them if you are going for 100% completion, which includes destroying all instances of these harmless objects. Besides that, you can continue on with the game as normal.