How to complete the Planet Link Milestone in the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky

Pick up a sweet ride.


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Planet Link is the fourth Milestone in No Man’s Sky’s Utopia Expedition. To complete it, you need to get yourself an Exocraft to start exploring the planet you’ve initialized on. This guide explains how to get that Exocraft, so you’re not stuck running around on your feet like a chump.

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How to deploy an Exocraft in No Man’s Sky

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To deploy an Exocraft, you first need to build a Geobay. It doesn’t matter which one, but you will get a Geobay Blueprint Pack when you complete the Ground Control Milestone in the Utopia Expedition, so it’s worth going back to finish that if you haven’t already. Then, it’s a matter of choosing which Exocraft you want to deploy.

The type of Exocraft you deploy will change what you need for this Milestone. Each Geobay requires different resources to build, so you may make your life quite difficult if you choose a more advanced Exocraft such as the Minotaur. We suggest picking a simple Exocraft because it should be something you can build early on in a new save file, and at this point, you should be very early on in the Utopia Expedition, so you need to make life as easy as possible.

When you’ve picked which Exocraft you want to deploy, you need to build the Geobay for it. We chose the Nomad Geobay, which requires 5 Metal Plating, 2 Ion Batteries, and 50 Paraffinium. Once you’ve got the resources, place the Geobay next to your base, and the Milestone will be completed. This allows you to claim the Hermetic Seal Plans, a Supreme Exocraft Engine Upgrade, 256 Condensed Carbon, and a Powerful Movement System Upgrade from the Expedition menu.

The Nomad Exocraft is a nimble hovering vehicle that can easily traverse the most uneven environments. It’s easy to drive, and it’s not too slow, either. The additional storage capacity it gives you will make exploring and picking up everything you see much more viable. That’s useful for the Utopia Expedition because you will be doing a lot of building and need a lot of resources to back that up.