How to get the Minotaur Exocraft in No Man’s Sky

Obtain a massive mech to walk around the galaxy

Image via Hello Games

You can obtain a brand new exocraft suit in No Man’s Sky called the Minotaur. It’s a hulking beast of a craft that stands on two legs, capable of jumping around the map with its powerful jetpack and burning a mining laser into the ground to make it easier to traverse any planet you visit. 

The Minotaur released in a new patch, and if you want to upgrade it, you need to visit the Exocraft Technology Merchant at any of the Space Stations. You can also visit Iteration: Perses for any blueprints for the craft.

To obtain the plans for the Minotaur Exocraft, you need to head to the Space Anomaly and visit the Construction Research Station to speak to the Exocraft Dealer. It’s for sale for 10 salvaged data. Once you obtain the blueprint, the Minotaur costs:

  • 5 Metal Plating
  • 4 Iron Battery
  • 100 Paraffinium

After you have it constructed, you can start walking the landscape with it on any dangerous planet. The Minotaur’s Exocraft suit will protect you from a majority of a planet’s harmful radiations and effects. You can upgrade the giant mech’s mining laser so it can have Terrain Manipulation capabilities, and you can give it the capacity to harvest resources without leaving it. The Exocraft’s shields should provide you with greater protection to ensure you can stay on a planet longer than usual.

When you have everything set with your Minotaur Exocraft, make sure to bring it to your favorite planet to give it a test run. You can summon it using the Exocraft Terminal on your ship to summon them to whatever planet you’re after constructing its new Geobay.