How to complete the Red Rover challenge in Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt raid

The Ol’ Switcheroo

Image via Bungie

With the Deep Stone Crypt raid available new challenges have surfaced. These challenges offer additional objectives to complete, which result in unlocking specific Triumphs. Completing these challenges requires knowledge of the raid’s encounters and mechanics to complete the specific parameters needed to complete the challenges.

Red Rover challenge

To complete this challenge, each guardian needs to shoot two panels located in the basement of the Security Section of the raid. Accomplishing this means going through all three damage phases. Destroying the fuses early will result in the challenge failing and it needing to be started over.

The difficult part of this is the transfer of the Operator Augment, ensuring that both Operators have enough time to go down to the basement and destroy the two panels. All while making sure nobody perishes to the fire in the basement.

How to complete

Completing the Red Rover challenge is pretty simple. When the first person grabs, the Operator Augment have them go down and destroy the two panels called out by the one holding the Scanner Augment.

Once the two panels have been destroyed, have the one holding the Operator Augment swap it out for the Scanner Augment and call out which fuses need to be destroyed. Keep in mind to only destroy two of them. Bring the one who went down to the basement back up and repeat this sequence until all raid team members have used the Operator Augment and destroyed two panels.

An effective strategy is to have the first person destroy the first set of panels to call out the rest of them using the Scanner Augment for the duration of the encounter, and swapping it out with the Operator that went after them to call Light and Dark side panels if needed.

This challenge tests a raid team’s ability to think on the fly and switch roles to meet the objective. All while maintaining good communication throughout. Setting up with a team that you have a history with may grant you a smoother encounter to complete this challenge.