How to complete the Return to Bjora Marches 2 achievement in Guild Wars 2

There’s something lurking in the lake.

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The Bjora Marches, while filled with absolutely terrifying creatures, is also a map in Guild Wars 2 that’s decidedly beautiful. Its pristine snowfall and stunning Aurora Borealis that fills the night sky can be quite an amazing map. It also plays host to several interesting and fun events, as well as two Meta events. Players looking to increase their experience, as well as farm some loot, can use the Bjora Marches as a way to do so. It’s also one of the maps needed to complete the collection for the Legendary Trinket, the Prismatic Champions Regalia. This guide will look at how to complete the Return to Bjora Marches 2 achievement in Guild Wars 2.

Which Story Missions you’ll need to complete Return to Bjora Marches 2 in Guild Wars 2

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You’ll need to have The Icebrood Saga unlocked to complete this achievement. You’ll also want to have Mounts, meaning you’ll need the Path of Fire expansion completed. To unlock The Icebrood Saga, you might have to purchase the Story from the Gem Store. These are the episodes you’ll have to complete:

  • Complete the story mission Chasing Ghosts in The Icebrood Saga Episode 2.
  • Complete the story mission Voice in the Deep in The Icebrood Saga Episode 2.

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Return to Bjora Marches 2: Local Response

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Complete 20 events in Bjora Marches. The events can be found scattered around the map, and there are almost always Commanders running event trains that you can follow. You will be able to complete most of them solo, but it is best to have a party or a friend to play with.

Treasure Hunter: Bjora Marches 2

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You will need to loot 12 Essence Chests that are only found in Bjora Marches. They are easy to find. First, however, you will need to have the various Essence Manipulation Masteries unlocked. The higher the Essence Chest tier, the higher the Mastery you will need to have unlocked for it. There are three kinds of Essence Chests, Resilience, Valor, and Vigilance which are each vulnerable to other Essences in a cyclical manner:

  • Resilience -> Valor
  • Valor -> Vigilance
  • Vigilance -> Resilience

Revenge of Drakkar

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This achievement is earned by defeating Drakkar, the world boss in West Bjora Marches. First, you will have to head to the frozen lake on the left side of the map and track in through the giant hole left there. Drakkar is at the bottom of the pit, and you’ll need to fight with others to defeat them.

Puzzle Resolver

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You need to complete 10 Light Puzzles in the Bjora Marches. These Light Puzzles can be completed by turning the mirrors scattered across the map. However, some of them are time-gated and will take several days to complete fully.