How to complete the Rising Calm quest in Final Fantasy XIV Online – The Rising Seasonal Event 2021

The Seasonal Event is available.

The Rising Season Event has returned to Final Fantasy XIV Online. It will be happening from August 27 to September 9, giving players worldwide the chance to obtain some event items for their troubles and to complete the seasonal event quest Rising Calm. You’ll want to obtain this quest from Kipih Jakkya, whom you can find in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, at coordinates (X:10.0, Y:8.7). Once you have the quest, you can get started.

The first portion of the quest will have you going to the Quicksand and speaking with Momodi. You can find Momodi at coordinates (X:11.6, Y:9.6) within Ul’dah – Steps of Nald. After that conversation, you’re going to be off to finding Severian at the Alchemists’ Guild.

You can find Severian in the Hustings Strip area of the city. It will be on the south portion of the map. Make sure to speak with the lift attendant to proceed to the correct level. Once you enter the Hustings Strip area, you’ll need to speak with Severian to the southeast corner. You can find them at coordinates (X:9.2, Y:13.6).

Your next stop will be to speak with Deitrich, who is in the same room, on the left side of the entrance. Then, after a quick conversation, it’s back to the Quicksand to report to Kipih Jakkya. You’ll share what you’ve learned with Kipih, but it’s not over yet. Your next step is to find the wandering minstrel at the Ruby Road Exchange. You can travel there by returning to the Ul’dah Plaza and finding them on the street. They’re going to be opposite of the Sunsilk Tapestries.

Unlike the other conversations, this will be consist of a slightly longer cutscene, and then it’s back to the Quicksand to speak with Kipih once again.

The final step is returning to the wandering minstrel, and completing the Rising Calm quest.