How to complete the Siren and Leviathan Milestones in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

The final steps needed to unlock your very own space whale.

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This is it. With all of the hard work behind you, you’ve just got a few short steps before you complete No Man Sky’s Leviathan Expedition and get to add your very own space whale frigate to your fleet. It might be pretty plain sailing from here on in, but don’t forget that one small mistake could cost you everything, so don’t risk anything you might regret until after the final rewards have popped.

How to build the Whalesong Flute in No Man’s Sky Leviathan

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Having completed the Shattered Past Milestone, you’ll have unlocked the Whalesong Flute plans. It can be crafted in your inventory, at a cost of 32 units each of Liquid Sun, Ancestral Memories, and Somnal Dust. You should have plenty of the latter after clearing the Derelict Freighter, and if you need anything else you can repeat the steps required to complete Polo’s ‘Bounds Testing’ research loop quests.

Once crafted, just access the item and choose the ‘Relay Song’ option to give it a play. This will attract the Leviathan who’ll swoop in nearby, so just follow the marker on your HUD to finally meet the space whale that you’ve gone through so much trouble for. You’ll then need to interact with it, offer your sincere apologies for whatever might have happened in the past, and, when the option appears, submit yourself to the Leviathan. The bad news is that you’ll die, but don’t panic as it’s all part of the plan.

How to unlock and access the Leviathan Frigate in No Man’s Sky Leviathan

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Although you’ll be booted back to the main menu, this isn’t the same as dying earlier in the playthrough. If you load up your last saved game, you’ll instead find yourself on a nearby planet with everything still very much in place. All that’s left to do is follow the prompts and access the menus to collect your many rewards, first for the Milestone (lots of frigate fuel) and then for completing Iteration Five, which includes a ‘Looper’ title and some Leviathan Expedition decal plans and banner designs.

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With all Iteration steps in place, you can now proceed to the Final Loop phase and unlock the Leviathan Frigate itself. Note, it’s a frigate, not a freighter, but the good news is that if you didn’t already own a freighter, one is automatically assigned to you as a bonus. It has absolutely nothing on it, so you’ll need plenty of upgrades but, hey, it’s a free ship, right?

You’ll then be able to add the Leviathan Frigate to your new ship’s fleet, or to your existing freighter if you already have one. All being well, you’ll find your new organic vessel will appear in tow just behind it in case you fancy a closer look, ready to be sent out on expeditions of its own. And that’s it. With the Leviathan Frigate now in your armory, you’ve effectively completed the Leviathan Expedition. Whether you want to stick around and see what else is on offer (or wait for the community rewards to kick in) is entirely up to you.

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