How to complete the Star of Destiny quest in Genshin Impact

Written in the stars.

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One of the steps to get your hands on Fischl during the Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event is to finish the Star of Destiny quest. This quest is the third part of the event, which goes live on November 22.

Before that, you will need to finish the Unknown Star portion and the Star of Deceitful Dreams portion of the event.

During the Unreconciled Stars event, Mondstadt and Liyue are hit by pieces of meteorite that inflict a sleeping sickness on people. It is up to us to solve this problem and deal with the danger.

Star of Destiny quest

To start the Star of Destiny quest, you will need to complete another quest called “What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals” when this portion of the event goes live on November 22. You will then be able to challenge the Fallen Star in an activity to salvage Fading Star’s Essence. This can be done in single-player or in cooperative play.

During the event you will need to defeat enemies to build celestial energy, then submit it to the Fallen Star. Make sure you are not attacked while doing this, as it will cause you to lose some energy. There is also a limit to how much energy you can carry, so make sure to submit it often. If you can fill the bar before the time runs out, you will succeed in the event.

After completing the Fallen Star challenge, you may spend 40 Original  Resin to obtain Fading Star’s Essence and other rewards. The corresponding rewards will vary depending on your World Level. Fading Star’s Essence can be exchanged in the Event Shop for Talent Level-Up Materials and Weapon Enhancement Materials.