How to complete the System Link Milestone in the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


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System Link is the fifth Milestone you’ll tackle in the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky. It seems easy on the surface but requires much more thought to get done properly. This guide explains how to complete the Milestone, so you’re not left in the middle of nowhere with no clue about what to do next.

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How do you complete the System Link Milestone?

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To complete the System Link Milestone, you need to find your starship. However, when we did this, we encountered one big issue that threw out the usual routine that we follow with Expeditions. You can’t craft anything when you’re away from your base, so you can’t craft the materials you need to fix your ship when you find it. We’ve outlined everything you need to do below in stages. Follow this guide, and you’ll have your ship at your base without needing to backtrack.

Step 1: Craft repair supplies

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You’ll need to craft a few items to fix your ship up enough to get it back to your base remotely. Use 40 Di-hydrogen to craft 1 Di-hydrogen JellyRefine 60 Carbon to create 30 Condensed Carbon, and then craft a Hermetic SealRefine100 Ferrite Dust to create 50 Pure Ferrite. Finally, use 50 Ferrite Dust to craft 1 Metal Plating. This is everything you’ll need to fix your ship up when you find it.

Step 2: Find your ship and repair it

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Now you’re ready to head out and locate your ship. Jump into the vehicle you crafted for the Scenic Route Milestone and look for the starship indicator somewhere on the horizon. It should show a starship within two minutes of travel time. Keep heading toward the indicator, we recommend using a Nomad, and you’ll find your broken starship.

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Step 3: Repair your ship ad call it back to base

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Use the items you crafted earlier at your base to repair your ship’s Thrusters and Pulse Engine. Then, take your Nomad, or whatever vehicle you used to get there, and travel back to your base. Once you’ve arrived, use the remote system in your inventory to call your starship to land at your base. This is great because it means you have your vehicle and your ship at your base, and you don’t need to travel too far to get anything.