How to complete the Scenic Route Milestone in the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky

Take a drive.


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Scenic Route is the sixth Milestone in No Man’s Sky’s Utopia Expedition. To complete it, you need to travel in your Exocraft for a decent number of units across a planet. This guide explains how you do this, so you’re not left aimlessly walking around on a world wondering why the Milestone won’t complete.

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How to travel for 2,000u in No Man’s Sky

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Distance in No Man’s Sky is measured in “u.” Every step you take in the game counts as a single unit of this, so you’d have traveled for 1u by taking one step. To reach 2,000u, you need to push that to 2,000 steps, and that’s a long way to walk on foot. We recommend jumping into an Exocraft to make up the distance. In our testing, this still completed the Milestone.

The best way to do this is to complete the first four Milestones in the Utopia Expedition up to Planet Link. This ensures you have a base and an Exocraft you can travel in. Now, pin the System Link Milestone and set out in your Exocraft looking for your ship. This will take you well over the 2,000u you need to see the Milestone complete before you even reach your ship. This will let you claim a Pre-Packaged Icarus Fuel System, a Supreme Exocraft Engine Upgrade, and the Exocraft Technology Blueprints Pack from the Expedition menu.

Which is the fastest Exocraft?

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All Exocraft in No Man’s Sky can be much faster if you upgrade them with upgrade modules and more advanced technology. However, the fastest Exocraft is the Pilgrim. This is a two-wheeled Exocraft that is more nimble than any of the others in the game. The only problem is that if you hit a bump or a hole in the ground, you will crash and potentially lose the Exocraft. For this reason, we like to use the Nomad and upgrade it with as much speed as possible. The Nomad can climb over pretty much anything and won’t get stuck in holes in the ground that dump you into caves. If you happen to drop down one, you can drive right back out with no issues.