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How to complete The Wounded Pilgrim quest in Lost Ark

Maybe lay off those herbs, Kobe.

Lost Ark has no shortage of quests to complete and places to go. The game is packed with content, especially in the late-game area. One of the most important quest lines is the one that gives players their second Awakening skill. These skills open up whole new opportunities for destruction, but they can be somewhat time-consuming to unlock as there are many individual quests involved in it.

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One of those quests is called The Wounded Pilgrim and it can be one of the more difficult quests to complete. Not because of any tough enemies but because it doesn’t do a great job at guiding the player to the next objective at times. If you’re struggling to complete this quest, then here is everything you need to know.

How to complete The Wounded Pilgrim quest

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The first step to completing this quest is to accept it. To do that, you’ll need to talk to Queen Ealyn in Queen’s Castle. She will tell you about a pilgrim named Armen, who came to town injured. From there, she will send you to speak to the goblin elder Balu in Parna Forest. If you don’t remember where he is, go to Point 1 on the above map.

He will recall this Armen and point you in the direction of the Herbalist Kobe, who is at Point 2 on the above map. Kobe has suspiciously forgotten anything about Armen, but maybe if you bring them the 100 herbs that were stolen by slimes in the area it will jog their memory. Sounds fishy to us, but from here you just need to grind for herbs by killing slimes in the area.

It shouldn’t take you as long as it sounds. Each slime will give you around five herbs. Once you have the required number of herbs, return to Kobe. This seems to have given them the memory boost they needed because now Kobe remembers seeing Armen being attacked by humans who attacked him. He takes off for Point 3 on the above map.

If you speak to Kobe at this part of the map, they’ll just comment that they are sure Armen was stabbed around there. Turns out they’re not far off. If you hug the cliff beside Kobe and turn east, you’ll find a small object that you can interact with. If you hit a tree that has fallen over, then you’ve gone too far. It won’t have a glowing purple icon like many quest markers do, but it still shouldn’t take you long to find it.

That is Armen’s necklace and the proof you need to show that he was indeed attacked. Take it back to Kobe and they will confirm that it belonged to Armen. They will give you a letter from Armen and point you in the direction of Twilight Isle to help you find his assailants. Read Armen’s letter and it will advance the quest objective to travel to Twilight Isle.

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Once you are on Twilight Isle, you want to find the individual called Quayside Old Man. You can find them at Point 4 on the map above. He won’t be terribly helpful but chatting with him will confirm that you’re in the right place, at least. The quest objective will update to Investigate Twilight Isle. From here, you need to find the Twilight Chapel to uncover the assassins who attacked Armen.

To proceed with The Wounded Pilgrim beyond this point, you must first have completed the remaining quests for Twilight Isle. Check your quest log and find them. They include:

  • Dawn’s Call
  • Dusk’s Shadows
  • Twilight’s Dance
  • Twilight’s Touch

Once you’ve completed Twilight’s Touch, return to Point 4 on the map. Where the old man was, you’ll now find Tigaro, who will tell you what happened to Armen. Turns out Tigaro’s client wanted Armen dead. Finding out this information will complete The Wounded Pilgrim quest, but it will also kick off the next section of the Awakening questline.

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