How to complete Their Lost Children in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Find their bones.


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Their Lost Children is the fourth Milestone in Phase four of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to excavate the bones of those who have perished under what they perceive to be their gods, the Sandworms that now plague multiple planets around the galaxy. This links with the story you discover in the Forbidden Words Milestone, but you can’t complete it on the same planet. This guide explains how to complete this Milestone as quickly as possible.

Find a planet with old bones

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To complete this Milestone, you need to locate and excavate 16 Ancient Bones. These only appear on certain planets, so you’ll need to go out into the galaxy and look for one. Our advice here is to start heading to Rendezvous Point 5 for the Expedition. When you’ve warped to a new system, pause and check the Discovery menu to see if any planets in the system are home to Ancient Bones. If they are, it’ll be listed alongside all the resources present there in this menu.

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When you’ve found a suitable planet, fly down to the surface and scan it. You’re looking for a golden icon marked as an Ancient Burial Site somewhere around you. When you’ve found some, tag them and run over to them. Usually, Ancient Bones are only buried slightly below the surface, so digging them up with the Terrain Manipulator isn’t too challenging. You’ll need 16 spaces in your inventory for all the different types of bones you discover, though.

As soon as you’ve excavated the last bone, the Milestone will be complete. Now you can claim 128 Salt, a Historical Document, and three Multi-Tool Inventory Slots from the Expedition menu.