How to complete They Pushed Too Far in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Don’t push as far as they did.


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They Pushed Too Far is the fourth Milestone in Phase Three of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to find the Archive Override Implant on a derelict freighter in space. This is one of the most complicated Milestones of the entire Expedition, requiring a lot of experience in No Man’s Sky to finish quickly. We’ve put this guide together to help you get the Archive Override Implant and move on with the Expedition as fast as possible.

Step 1: Speak to a Scrap Dealer

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Unless you’re hoping to stumble upon a derelict freighter on your travels, which only happens occasionally, you’ll need to visit a space station and talk to the Scrap Dealer. This vendor sets up shop in a tent, unlike the other vendors in space stations. You’ll notice them because they’re off to the side and more in the middle of the dock as if they’ve been shunned by the other vendors. Speak to them, and they’ll offer you the chance to acquire the coordinates of a derelict freighter for 5,000,000 Units. We found that selling Fleshy Rope was the best way to get those Units together.

When you purchase the coordinates, you’ll receive an Emergency Broadcast Receiver. Get back in your ship and activate the device. Then, you need to jump forward with your Pulse Engine and stop after a short while. When you do, you’ll see a derelict freighter floating motionless before you.

Step 2: Explore the freighter

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Land on the freighter and step inside. You’ll need to use a terminal to unlock the airlock and head inside. When you do, you’ll see fleshy bags everywhere, and the area will be ice cold. Use the heaters around the freighter to restore your hazardous shielding when you can. It’s also wise to stop walking when the fleshy bags begin to move. Otherwise, they’ll burst into enemies that you have to fight. Use the on-screen indicator to explore each room and find every terminal. When you’ve found the final one, you’ll be able to use it to acquire the Archive Override Implant. Now you can leave and never come back. Once completed, you can claim the plans for the device, four Anomaly Detectors, and 399 Fragment Qualia from the Expedition menu.