How to complete Three Big Pigs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – All pig locations

Rolling around in the mud.

The Sigrblot Festival has arrived in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and you’ll be able to participate in it for a limited time from July 29 to August 19. It consists of several activities that you can partake in to prepare for the raiding season, and one of these activities includes a new quest called Three Big Pigs. You’ll need to peak with Braun to start it off. This guide details how to complete Three Big Pigs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

You can find Braun to the east of Ravensthorpe. He’ll describe to you how he has given up drinking and what led him down that path. He’ll also share with you that he’s lost the pigs that were to be sacrificed to the gods for the festival. You’ll need to find them by finding the crashed pig cart.

Reach the crashed pig cart

The crashed pig cart will be roughly 60 meters away from Braun’s position, to the north. When Eivor arrives there, they’ll notice the tracks on the ground and point out how the pigs have run into the forest. You can use your raven to find them, and when you reach a pig, all you have to do is whistle to have them follow you home.

All pig locations

There are three pigs that you need to find in the forest. When you reach them, click the button you’d use to summon your mount, but rather than holding that button, merely click it. This will have Eivor whistle, drawing the pigs to their location.

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We found this task easier to place the first pig away, and then grab the last two furthest from Ravensthorpe, and then bring those two back. You might encounter a wolf or two on the way back to Braun. Once you reach him, you’ll have the chance to choose which god receives the pigs. There are three choices: Baldr, Thor, or Freyja. The choice is up to you and does not yield particular rewards.