How to Complete the Thunderlord Murder Mystery Quest in Destiny 2

The ultimate in crowd clear, the Thunderlord will not disappoint.

Destiny 2

It was the third and final week of the Murder Mystery questline that sees Guardians try to solve the murder of Master Ives, the long-forgotten cryptarch in Destiny 2. There is only a small task that remains between you and the mighty Thunderlord, an exotic heavy machine gun from Destiny.

The Lost Cryptarch

If you’ve completed the previous steps, you’ll be notified to visit Amanda Holliday in the tower as soon as you load into Destiny 2. She then dispatches you and your fireteam to investigate a Fallen transmat pad in the Whispered Falls lost sector in the EDZ.

Once you enter the teleporter, you will appear in a location familiar to Destiny veterans; a snowy Cosmodrome. This is where it all began, and you’re asked to clear out the Fallen, which will somehow avenge Master Ives’ death. Oh, Bungie.

There are several small groups of enemies to clear out before you make your way past a shield barrier guarded by a large Shank and eventually face a Fallen boss, Kikliss, Murderer. Kill everything in sight and claim victory, but don’t be so quick to leave via the transmat pad yet!

Hidden Lore Scannables inside the Cosmodrome

If you enjoy Destiny 2 lore and would like to hear your Ghost talk about days long forgotten, don’t leave via the teleporter yet. There are five scannable lore locations that have been discovered by the community. They can be scanned at any time, except for when the large shield barrier is up, so it’s best to save them for after the big battle. We’ve got the locations listed below, so keep an eye out for the “Scan” action to pop up on your screen.

Thunderlord and Ornament

After you’ve left the Cosmodrome, head back to Amanda Holliday in the tower. She will give you Master Ives’ Last Engram, which she’s found by rummaging through his quarters somehow. Once it’s decrypted, you’ll have a shiny new Thunderlord. Perhaps we should raid the other Cryptarch’s quarters when no one is looking?

If you happen to have 600 Silver laying around, Tess Everis is selling a Sky Deity Bundle at the moment that contains the exclusive Tlaloc’s Wrath ornament for Thunderlord along with some other goodies. Worth checking out if you enjoy your cosmetics.

Unfortunately, unlike the Horror Story Auto Rifle rewarded during the Festival of the Lost, this Thunderlord will decrypt at an average level, not the maximum 600 power. Feel free to check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more helpful articles.