How to complete Venomous Revenge in Hogwarts Legacy

Business partnerships sometimes go sour.

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Ackley Barnes is a side character you can encounter while playing Hogwarts Legacy. You can find him muttering to himself behind The Three Broomsticks. He has a task for you and requests that you help him get revenge against his business partner, Alfred Lawley. The two parted ways on bad terms. You can go down two routes for the ques associated with this decision, Venomous Revenge. Should you help Ackley Barnes get revenge against his business partner in Hogwarts Legacy?

Should you help Ackley Barnes get revenge against his business partner in Hogwarts Legacy?

You have two choices when speaking with Ackley Barnes. Both of them involve helping him acquire a Venomous Tentacular.

What happens when you steal from Alfred Lawley in Hogwarts Legacy

The first outcome you can choose is to help Ackley Barnes steal from his partner. He’s going to ask you to find his partner’s cellar, which should be to the right of The Three Broomsticks. When you arrive at the entrance, you can go down the stairs.

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When you get into the cellar, Lawley will be down there. You will need to use the Disillusionment charm to sneak past him and make your way through the basement. There should be a guided path directing you to where you can find the Venomous Tentacular. It will be behind the locked door.

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Continue down the pathway, deeper into the basement. We recommend keeping the Disillusionment charm on your character, as the next area will have several spiders appearing from the ground. You can choose to sneak past them or battle them.

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After those have been dealt with, or you snuck past them, turn to the left to find the Venomous Tentacular, and you can now return to Barnes. When you bring it back to Barnes, you can freely give it to him or ask to be paid for your time. If you ask him to pay you, he agrees with your choice and hands you some Galleons for your trouble.

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What happens if you don’t help Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy

The alternative to helping Ackley Barnes is deciding not to steal from Alfred Lawley. You will need to find a Venomous Tentacula that is not stolen from Lawley. You can purchase one from the Dogweed and Deathcap store in the north part of Hogsmeade, or you can grow one yourself. When you have it, return it to Barnes and present it to him. This should fool him, and you can still complete the quest.