How to complete Vision II Farsight: Thunderhead Peaks collection in Guild Wars 2

Explore the wastelands.

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Thunderhead Peaks in Guild Wars 2 is a map that combines the snow and the Brand into a perfectly terrifying combination of pain. This map has parts of the Living World Season 4 storyline and several end-game necessities. Those players looking to increase their Mastery levels and unlock higher abilities will need the Mastery Insight Points that are located across the map. This map is also one of the maps needed to complete the crafting of the Legendary Trinket, Vision. This guide will look at what you’ll need to complete the Vision II Farsight: Thunderhead Peaks collection.

How to complete Vision II: Farsight – Thunderhead Peaks collection

You’ll need to kneel at the Mastery Insight Points in order to gain the buff. You must remain in the emote until the Meditation Buff disappears, or it will not count towards completing the achievement. You can kneel by typing /kneel in the chat box in order to activate the emote

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Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Brechnar’s Gauntlet

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The easiest way to access this Mastery Insight is from the History’s End Waypoint. First, you’ll need to head to the east side, accessing the Dwarven Catacombs. Next, you need to follow the path through the Gauntlet, using your Mount to make the longer jumps. Alternatively, you can approach from the cliff side using several careful jumps with a Springer or fly around with your Skyscale.

Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Ironhammer Crossing

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You must start from the Exalted Path and proceed to the west. You can use your Skyscale or a combination of Raptor and Springer to reach the Mastery Point. There will be three stone pillars that you can hop across.

Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Sorrow’s Cave

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Head west to the Hundar Pike starting from the Moorage Waypoint. The cave is located to the south and east of Sorrow’s Cave. You’ll need a Springer or a Skyscale here as there are a lot of vertical aspects to cover. The Volatile Magic orbs that are scattered along the way are a great method for finding the Insight Point.

Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Shattered Bay

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The entrance to this is only reachable by Mount. You can hop up from the ice shelf using a Springer or your Skyscale or Griffon to enter.

Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Niles

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Niles is an NPC located in Thunderhead Peaks. You can still obtain the effect from emoting near him. You can find Niles near the Dredgeways; he will have the Mastery Insight sign to distinguish him from other NPCs.