How to complete Who’s Sniping the Sniper? in Hitman 3

You’re the sniper, 47.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Who’s Sniping the Sniper? is an Assassination method added to Hitman 3 with Season of Envy. It requires you to kill a specific target with a sniper rifle, but that’s easier said than done in Berlin. This guide covers how to complete this Assassination so you can add a new sniper rifle to your weapon locker.

How to complete Who’s Sniping the Sniper?

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete this Assassination, you need to kill Agent Tremaine using a sniper rifle. You need to go into the main Berlin mission with a sniper rifle equipped with that in mind. We recommend starting at the radio tower starting location with a sniper rifle and a lockpick. This way, you can get into the radio tower and climb it to get this kill before you approach the club.

Agent Tremaine is the target hanging out with the bikers near the sniper nest. If you look at the club ahead of you, he’s on the right, near the hole in the wall. Zoom in with your sniper rifle, and you’ll find him. He likes to walk up to the sniper rifle and back behind the wall. If he’s not visible when you need him to be, shoot the wall to the right of the sniper rifle to draw him out. You can also wait, and he’ll emerge naturally. Once he does, shoot him in the head to kill him and complete this Assassination.

By completing this Assassination, you’ll permanently unlock the Jaeger 7 Covert sniper rifle for your inventory. You can then use this in any Contract in Hitman 3.