How to convert your Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity for Shadow Legacy

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Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season — Operation: Shadow Legacy, introduced the new scope feature that customizes your guns even more. However, the new system means that the old sensitivity values don’t work anymore, meaning players need to adapt to the new system.

Operation Shadow Legacy brought with it several new scope magnifications. Scopes now have no zoom, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x being the common ones, but some guns have up to 12x scopes. With all the different zoom levels, players will have a mixed experience with their current settings. Thankfully, Ubisoft updated the sensitivity system on all platforms, but players need to work out with their old sensitivity and convert it in the new update.

To work out your new sensitivity, Ubisoft has created a handy calculator to convert your old settings. Players can also work out their sensitivity changes themselves by following the maths and formulas behind it. Both of these options can be found in the Ubisoft handbook.

However, at the time of writing, the Ubisoft easy calculator is experiencing high demand. Users may find themselves struggling to copy the document and working out their new sensitivity. Alternatively, there are fan-made alternatives available, such as this one made by kurtextrem.

Console players should be aware that their aspect ratio is default set to 16:9 with 60 FOV. This information should help you save time working out how to convert your gamepad’s new sensitivity.

Once when you have found your new sensitivity values through whatever method, you can apply it in-game. To do this, launch Rainbow Six Siege and head to settings. In the settings menu, click on controls and head to the ADS sensitivity option. From there, you can begin inputting your converted sensitivity for every magnification.

When you have entered all the data that the calculator gave you, you should try out your new aim and make sure everything feels right. Good luck with the new season.