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How to cook in Zero Sievert

Time to get cooking.

With Zero Sievert’s focus on post-apocalyptic survival, Food is just as important as weapons as you fight to survive each skirmish, as it restores Hunger, Thirst, or both, which will increase your weight capacity. Certain food items will even reduce Radiation and Fatigue. Players can either craft, loot or purchase food from vendors. Of the three, crafting is the most economical, provided that you have been scavenging and/or looting regularly. Here is how you can craft food in Zero Sievert.

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How to craft food in Zero Sievert

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Crafting can only be done in your bunker, meaning that there is no way for you to craft additional supplies when you are away from your base, pick your crafts and use your resources wisely. To craft an item, interact with the workbench on the left side of the bunker. You will then have to select the category of item that you want to craft. Clicking on the item will bring up the ingredients list, and you will be able to craft it if you have all the required resources.

Remember that certain items will require you to have specific Skills or Modules installed to craft them, but do not fret; the game will notify you if you are lacking any of these Skills or Modules when you attempt to craft the item in question. Certain food items such as Cooked Meat, Meatballs, and Stew with Meat and Beans will require you to have a Kitchen to be able to make them. The Meatballs even need you to have Chef unlocked.

There are currently two highly recommended food items in Zero Sievert, depending on what you are trying to restore. To sate your hunger, the MRE is the item you will want to craft, as it gives you +40 Hunger and +20 Thirst. For all-purpose utility, Milk is the item you will want to stock up on, as it provides you with +10 Fatigue and -0.30 Radiation in addition to just +8 Hunger and +18 Thirst, making it ideal as you venture out of your base.

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