The 3 best starting weapons in Zero Sievert

Ensure you’re starting off the post-apocalyptic survival with your best foot forward.

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The survival indie Zero Sievert brings more than a few difficult conundrums for players to figure out, and the decisions start early. Upon starting a new game, players will be asked what they want their starting equipment to be — the wrong answer can make the initial few hours of Zero Sievert a frustrating and difficult grind, while the right answers will pair well with the starting quests within the Forest. Here are the best starting weapons to select in Zero Sievert.

3. Equipment 6 — BBSH 41

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Ultimately, we’re determining how we’re going to engage enemies for the first dozen or so raids. Faster firing weapons can help puncture the armor ratings of enemies, but that places players in direct risk of being shot as well. The BBSH 41 offers a modicum of armor, the standard starting backpack, and a WW2 era submachine gun that can spray down most hunters before they can effectively engage.

The downside of the BBSH 41 is that it struggles at any notable distance, and if you don’t fire first, you’ll end up back at the train before you know it. Much like in Escape from Tarkov, the caliber tends to determine the amount of damage received by a target. The ammunition, 7.62×25, is relatively simple to get and can be purchased from the bar, allowing players to spray in target-rich environments as long as they’re bringing home enough loot, per run, to re-up with the proper caliber.

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2. Equipment 2 — Nozin Makant

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The Nozin Makant is an easy front-runner for being one of the best early-game weapons, after modifying it in your workbench to add the scope. You’ll also come across enemies with modified Nozin’s — bring them home to pull the mods and put them into your higher-durability starter weapon. The scope allows players to target enemies outside of the screen, although it comes with the risk of not being able to see what is happening in your immediate vicinity. The pistol sidearm comes in handy if you need to clear out some foes at close range.

The rounds can be purchased from the trader, but with its high damage and low rate of fire, you’ll be finding yourself purchasing ammunition far rarer than with automatic weaponry. The only reason it’s recommended to not use the Nozin Makant to start is that Igor Kuzmin has an available high-durability Nozin once you complete his quest line. With this in mind, it’s best to go with a high rate-of-fire weapon that is easily customized.

1. Equipment 1 — EC 74U

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The EC 74U is a fast-firing automatic rifle with acceptable damage — four or five bullets are enough to down most hunters, while bandits take roughly 3 shots to expire. The EC 74U plays well with fast movement, and is an ideal weapon once the fog of war has been removed and enemies know where you are engaging from. It’s ideal to start an engagement from a distance with a sniper rifle, then close the distance once you’ve been discovered and play frenetically with the EC 74U.

As you close up the various quests in the Forest, you’ll eventually replace the EC 74U with the EC 74, but it’s a fantastic weapon even beyond Forest. Once you get a few modifications on it, such as the reflex sight and suppressor (purchased from the Green Army trader for 8,400 Roubles), it will quickly become your go-to when things get hairy. Stay on top of your ammo usage, however — 5.45×39 rounds can be only purchased from the Green Army trader, once per day, in a single stack of 60 rounds.