How to Crack a Safe in Red Dead Redemption 2

Let’s face it, Arthur Morgan and the Van Der Linde Gang need a constant flow of money in Red Dead Redemption 2 and while there are many different ways to get rich, it’s hard to pass by a safe on the side of the road. The only challenge is, how to get it open. That is after the original owners have been persuaded to let you have it, of course.

How to Open a Safe

How to Crack a Safe in Red Dead Redemption 2
Tomahawk ApproachTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Let’s assume for a moment that you don’t have a key to open this safe and that you do not yet possess a lockpick or lock breaking tool that can be used on stagecoaches (you get this later in the game). The quickest way to open a safe is with a stick of dynamite. This is almost guaranteed to be successful, though it is by no means the quietest approach.

If you want to exercise a little more discretion, you can try breaking the safe open with a tomahawk or throwing knives. It requires an exact hit on the hinges to pop it open, and you’ll soon be reaching for that stick of dynamite after the thirty-third attempt, but it is an option.

How to Crack a Safe in Red Dead Redemption 2
Shotgun ApproachTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The middle of the road approach is to spend a lot of shotgun shells on cracking this safe. Shoot the safe from the front, the side, on the hinges, or the back, it seems that the magic is merely in the number of shots. Be prepared to be patient, but eventually, the front of the safe will pop open, letting you loot it.

How to Crack a Safe in Red Dead Redemption 2
Open SafeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Be kind to your horse while cracking safes and lead it a little ways away as it’s unlikely to appreciate your barrage of shotgun shots or the explosion from the dynamite. If you should find anything other than cash in the safe, be sure to find out where the fences are located so you can sell your ill-gotten items.

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