How to craft a Builder’s Bench in Breakwaters

The Builder’s Bench is your gateway to crafting in Breakwaters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Builder’s Bench is how you will craft a majority of your items in Breakwaters. Pretty much every tool, building block, and piece of armor is made using this handy workbench. Unfortunately, you don’t start off with it and you need to work for it. Here is how you can craft a Builder’s Bench in Breakwaters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Builder’s Bench requires two basic materials that you won’t be able to use until you play the game for a bit. After you’ve learned the basics of crafting by creating an axe, you will be able to craft the Builder’s Bench. Before you can craft it, you need to get the supplies. You will need 10 tree branches and eight seagrass.

You can find tree branches very easily by punching the trees around the island you start on. You will probably need to knock down a few trees since the spawn rate of the tree branches is very high. After a tree is knocked down, head over to the next one. A fallen tree will give you logs instead of branches. To get the seagrass, you will need to head into the ocean. Seagrass is easy to spot on the edge of the beach where the ocean comes in. Hit it to break it loose from the sand so you can pick it up.

You can access the crafting menu by hitting the tab key. This will bring up your inventory. Next to your character will be the basic items you can craft. If you have made the shell axe before this, you will know where to look.