How to craft a Lantern in Minecraft

Light the way.

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Minecraft offers plenty of ways to light up the area around you and keep the hostile mobs at bay. Walking around in the dark is not that fun, and it is quite dangerous if you cannot see a Creeper making their way toward you. While most people will think of Torches and Jack-o-Lanterns as the more common light blocks, Lanterns have been in the game for a while now. Here is how to make them.

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What items are needed to craft a Lantern in Minecraft

To craft a Lantern in Minecraft, you will need a Torch and eight Iron Nuggets. Torches are made with Sticks and Coal or Charcoal, and Iron Nuggets can be found in Chests, made from Iron Ingots, smelted from a tool or armor piece, or bartered for with a Piglin. When you have the items, the crafting recipe will have you place the Torch in the middle slot with the Iron Nuggets completely surrounding it in all other boxes. Move the completed Lantern to your inventory when it appears on the right.

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Where to find Lanterns in Minecraft

While you can easily make your own Lanterns, you can also find them in other ways. Lanterns can appear in Snowy Tundra Villages and Bastion Remnants.

Where to buy Lanterns in Minecraft

Apprentice Librarian Villagers will also trade them for an Emerald. When you want to pick up a placed Lantern, break it down with any Pickaxe; otherwise, it will drop nothing.

What is the use of Lanterns in Minecraft

Lanterns are one of the brightest light sources you can find in Minecraft. While only a single Torch is in them, the block itself can reach much further with its light than a regular Torch can. Additionally, they can be placed both on the ground and hung from the ceiling, but they can not be placed on walls as Torches.