How to craft a Map in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft can be a dangerous place. It’s best to take a map with you at all times.

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With infinite worlds in Minecraft, it can be easy to get lost. There is no shortage of different structures and biomes that you can come across in the expanding world, so finding your way around them is important. For that reason, you will want a Map on your side to pull out whenever you need it. Here is how to craft a Map in Minecraft.

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How to make a Map in Minecraft

There are two Maps you can make in Minecraft. The first is made with just Paper. The second requires Paper and a Compass. To make Paper, you need to gather Sugar Cane which can grow next to bodies of water. A Compass is made with one Redstone and four Iron Ingots.

When you have your items, the crafting recipe at a Crafting Table has you put the Paper in all slots, except if you have a Compass that will go in the middle. Move the Empty Map to your inventory to finish crafting it. If you have a Cartography Table, you can make a Map with a single piece of Paper and a Compass. You can also trade for a Map with a Cartographer Villager.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

The only difference between the two Maps is the one made with a Compass will have player markers on it showing what way you are facing. If you create the Map without a Compass, you can later combine it with an Anvil, Crafting Table, or Cartography Table.

When you first hold a Map in your hand, it will be completely empty. When you press the interaction button, you will hold it straight out in front of you, and looking down will have you stare at it. As you move around the covered portion of the world on your Map, it will slowly be filled in with color to denote what is in that location.

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If you want to expand on the area that your Map covers, you can combine it with Paper at a Cartography Table. This will allow you to see more of the area around you without needing to make multiple Maps.

Screenshot by Gamepur