How to craft a map in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft can be a dangerous place. It’s best to take a map with you at all times.

 How to craft a map in Minecraft

Minecraft can be considered one of the largest open-world video games on the market. Since it’s procedurally generated, there’s almost no limit to what players can explore in a single world. However, while this is fun for exploration and adventure, it’s also dangerous, as it’s extremely easy to get lost in the many biomes. That’s why it’s always smart to take a map with you, which is what we’ll be showing you how to craft in Minecraft

Crafting the materials needed for a map

Crafting a map in Minecraft is relatively straightforward. All you need are two ingredients, being paper and a compass. These two items aren’t just found in the world by themselves. You need to craft them before you can get started on your map.

The paper is the most crucial ingredient, as you’ll need eight pieces of it to craft a map. To make paper, you need to find nine stems of sugar cane, which can be located directly adjacent to most bodies of water. Look for rivers specifically if you want to find large amounts.

Once you have nine sugar cane stems, pop three of them into a crafting table, and you’ll receive three sheets of paper. Repeat this process twice more, and you’ll have your eight sheets of the required paper.

Image result for minecraft crafting paper
Image via Minecraft Wiki.

Next, we need a compass, which is a bit more expensive to make. First, you’ll need four iron ingots, which can be smelted using iron ore and a furnace. Once you have those, then it’s time to gather one piece of Redstone dust. Going cave exploring past level five should net you some Redstone blocks pretty quickly. If you’ve managed to acquire those materials, stick them into a crafting table, and you have your compass.

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Image via Minecraft Wiki.

Now it’s time for the map itself. Using your eight sheets of paper and one compass, arrange them into a crafting table like the example you see below. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll receive one map!

Image result for minecraft crafting map
Image via Minecraft Wiki.

Of course, if you open your map for the first time, it will be blank. You’ll need to walk around the world to fill up the map with the landscape and different biomes.