How to craft an Oven in Grounded

Prepare to heat things up.

A useful crafting station to add to your base in Grounded is the Oven. You can use this station for smelting resources down into higher quality ones. For example, if you want to create mushroom bricks, you need to craft mushroom slurry and then smelt those down in an Oven to create the bricks, which you can use to create mushroom-based buildings. The items you can use in the Oven will be expanding as Grounded works its way through early access.

How to unlock the Oven

Before you can craft the Oven, you need to unlock the Advanced Production Buildings module, which you can purchase from BURG.L. The module you need to find to unlock it is in the Haze Lab. You can find it at the very end of the laboratory, on a table. We’ve already listed out where you need to go in the southwest portion of the map to find the Haze Lab.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you obtain the Haze BURG.L chip, return it to BURG.L, and you can purchase the Advanced Production Buildings module for 4,000 Raw Science. If you’re running low on science, you can complete daily activities for BURG.L.

Crafting the Oven

Once you’ve learned the Advanced Production Buildings, you need to return to your base and prepare to craft the Oven. These are all of the ingredients you’re going to need to complete it.

  • 10 Clay
  • 1 Charcoal Chunk
  • 4 Boiling Glands

You’ve likely already encountered claw and boiling glands pretty often throughout your time in Grounded. You can find clay throughout the garden, and you can harvest it from the ground using your acorn shovel. The boiling glands drop off of the Bombardier Bettles. They typically drop one or two of these glands, so you may have to hunt down two or three of these insects to acquire all four boiling glands.

The final ingredient is a charcoal chunk. You can only find this in one location in Grounded, and that’s over by the barbeque. It will be on the ground in the grass next to multiple stink bugs, so we recommend bringing a weevil gas mask with you to defend yourself. When you arrive, you’re going to need a level two insect hammer to break the charcoal chunks up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have all ingredients, return to your base and set the Oven down wherever you want to use it. Then, you can approach it with the items you want to smelt down to turn into higher quality resources.